Don’t Let a Probation Violation Take Away Your Freedom

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Probation in Detroit, Michigan is a privilege that can be taken away, or revoked, at any time. It’s an opportunity for convicted criminals to avoid jail time, and it’s a privilege that allows convicted criminals to re-enter society after they have served jail time. Individuals sentenced to probation in Detroit, Michigan must always be under the supervision of a probation officer who is an employee of the Michigan Department of Corrections. This probation officer is required to seek revocation of probation before a judge if the convicted criminal on probation appears likely to regress toward criminal behavior.

Probation Violations

Generally the probation officer will ask for probation to be revoked for the following reasons:

  • Failure of a drug or alcohol test
  • Arrest for another crime
  • Missing an appointment with the probation officer
  • Failure to appear at a court scheduled appointment
  • Failure to complete a court-ordered program
  • Failure to pay fines and/or restitution
  • Failure to maintain employment or school
  • Association with other known criminals
  • A change of address with the authorization of the probation officer
  • Leaving the state without the authorization of the probation officer

If your probation officer suspects you of violating probation, contact attorney Chris Kessel in Detroit, Michigan immediately because you will need a quality defense lawyer. If you are sentenced to a probation violation court hearing, the prosecutor must only demonstrate that you violated your probation terms. This makes it much easier for the judge to revoke your probation, plus a jury will not hear your case in probation violation case, only the judge will listen to your case.

Penalties for Probation Violation

If suspected of a probation violation, you may be sentenced to any of the following:

  • No further punishment: this allows the convicted criminal to continue probation without any penalties. This is the best outcome and is a result of minor infractions or technicalities.
  • Extension of the Probation: a probation officer can seek an extension of the probation for more severe violations. A judge must listen to this appeal and approve it.
  • Revocation of Probation: your probation can revoked for serious infractions, such as failing a drug test. The probation officer can request an arrest warrant and you may have to appear before a judge. Probation may be taken away or your original sentence can be reactivated.

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