Former police chief explains resignation

In Media Mentions by Chris Kessel

On most occasions the attorneys at Nessel and Kessel Law find themselves battling with police officers from jurisdictions from all over the state.  However, today Dana Nessel has the privilege to represent the former Chief of Police for the CIty of Inkster, Vicki Yost.  For the past five months, Vicki Yost served the City of Inkster as their “top cop.”  That all came to an end yesterday, as Vicki Yost submitted her resignation to the city council.  Technically Ms. Yost submitted her 30 days notice, but it was the council that decided that her resignation would be effective immediately.  
In what has become a national news story, Vicki Yost’s resignation was triggered by an incident between an Inkster police officer and Floyd Dent.  Video shows the officer striking Mr. Dent a number of times, all while Mr. Dent appears not to be resisting in any way.  Immediately after the incident, (then) Chief Yost made a copy of the video available for the Wayne County Prosecutor’s Office and began her own investigation into the incident.  It was not until weeks later, when the video was made public, that Vicki Yost found herself at the center of a media storm.  It has been suggested by some that Vicki Yost was not completely forthright with the information she possessed with respect to the incident.  Nothing could be further from the truth.    
Not only did (then) Chief Yost immediately make the video available to the Wayne County Prosecutor’s Office, but she was later told by both the Michigan State Police and the Wayne County Prosecutor, Kym Worthy, to stop her own investigation so that they could investigate the matter.  Unfortunately, the city council for the City of Inkster repeatedly asked Chief Yost to provide information that could have compromised the investigations into the incident.  At this point it was clear that Chief Yost and the city council had very different ideas about how the police department should be run, prompting Vicki Yost to submit her resignation.  
Here is a link to a story, run by Fox 2, containing video and direct quotes from Vicki Yost and attorney Dana Nessel.