Expungement Granted

In Recent Cases by Chris Kessel

We all did things when we were younger that we regret as adults.  It’s just a fact of life.  Thankfully, not every poor choice we make as children and teenagers results in a permanent stain upon our adulthood.  Such was the case in the 25th district court in Allen Park this past week, where Michigan expungement attorney Chris Kessel was able to convince a judge to remove a conviction from his client’s record. 

When she was 19, our client committed the offense of retail fraud – 3rd degree…she shoplifted a pair of leggings.  She was, as is often the case, caught on camera and stopped by security before leaving the store.  When she ended up before a judge in Allen Park, she pled guilty and was given a one year term of probation.  She went on to complete her probation, graduate from college, enter the police academy, and became a sheriff in another state.  Now, 7 years later, as a mother of two she wanted a career change.  So while – amazingly – to be an officer you don’t need a clear criminal history, to go into the nursing field you do need a clean record.  Enter Michigan defense attorney Chris Kessel…

Chris had the petition prepared, sent in, and the matter was set for a hearing in a matter of weeks.  Once before the judge, expungement attorney Chris Kessel made it clear to the judge that this was a one time event and that the client was not only eligible, but deserving of having the conviction set aside from her record. 

The importance of a clean record cannot be understated, especially for those trying to find employment or trying to enroll in school. If you qualify for an expungement, you want to make sure that the matter is handled properly and successfully.  Don’t leave your future to chance! Trust Nessel & Kessel Law, top criminal defense lawyers in have the experience and legal knowledge to clear records of clients eligible for expungement and we can help you!