One Client, Three PPO Dismissals

In Blog, Recent Cases by Chris Kessel

I recently had the distinct pleasure to represent a client who had actually been the subject of a conspiracy against her by a number of other people. My client was served with PPO's by her ex-husband's new wife, her ex-husband's ex-girlfriend, and her son. I know what you're thinking...sure the other women may have it out for my client, but her son?! But I assure you, her son had been manipulated over the years and was now part of this conspiracy.

The first PPO set for a hearing belonged to the ex-husband's ex-girlfriend. She claimed that my client had called her dozens of times and harassed her. She claimed my client had sent threatening emails and text messages. She also claimed that she was in fear of my client. This trifecta is usually enough to get a PPO. However, the ex-girlfriend didn't count on being confronted by an expert in PPO defense. After my questioning of the woman it became clear that she could produce no record of all of the calls that she claims my client made. Further, the only text or email she was able to produce was totally benign and devoid of any threats. I was also able to establish that she had not seen my client in months. Also present at the hearing was the ex-husband's wife. She testified that my client had made threats about the ex-girlfriend to her. Of course she was also unable to produce any physical evidence to confirm the threats. I was able to convince the judge that the lack of corroborative evidence that these women claimed that possessed showed that they could not be believed and the judge agreed. PPO #1 dismissed.

A few weeks later I received a frantic call from my client. She informed me that she was served with PPO's in relation to her son and her ex's current wife. Again, we set the matter for a hearing. At the hearing the wife and son both testified that my client had called them hundreds of times. However, again, they failed to bring proof of these calls in the form of phone records. The wife also claimed that my client had texted her repeatedly, issuing threats and the life. When I asked her if she had the text messages, she claimed that they were so old that they were automatically deleted by her iPhone. I then showed her my iPhone and asked her to read the date of the earliest text on my phone. It was from November 8, 2014. Needless to say the judge didn't buy what she was selling. Her son also testified to countless phone calls and text messages that could not be proven. When all was said and done both PPO's were dismissed.

Personal Protection Orders are extremely serious. If you have been served with a PPO, you need to make sure you have an attorney who knows how to present the case to a judge so that they can see that the petitioner's burden has not been met and the PPO should be dismissed. Lots of attorneys handle PPO's, but very few do so successfully. Contact Chris Kessel today if you have been served with bogus PPO and want it terminated immediately.