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Over the years, we’ve provided information on a wide range of legal topics through our blog. Some of these topics are of particular interest to Michigan residents. The following are our top legal blog posts.

Operating While Intoxicated VS Operating While Impaired

Drunk driving is one of the most common charges in the State of Michigan. The number of residents charged with Operating While Intoxicated (OWI) and Operating While Visually Impaired (OWVI) generally increases during the summer. It’s important to understand the difference between OWI and OWVI as the consequences for these charges vary. The following blog explains the differences between the two:


“The Police Didn’t Read Me My Miranda Rights?”

Many clients come into our office wondering why they weren’t read their rights. It’s a common misconception that rights must be read at the time of arrest. This simply isn’t true. Instead, the Miranda rights must be read prior to interrogation, which typically doesn’t occur at the time of arrest. Interested parties can learn more in the blog post below:


Why You Need a Second-Parent Adoption

The non-biological parent in a same-sex relationship faces many challenges when it comes to protecting their rights. These individuals can lose their status of legal parent, even if their name is printed on their child’s birth certificate. In order to protect the non-biological parent’s rights, it’s crucial that a second-parent adoption takes place. Once this is complete, the non-biological parent is considered a legal parent under Michigan State law. Please read the following blog post to learn more:


You Have the Right to Protect Yourself in Your Home

Michigan residents have the right to defend themselves and their family members through deadly force when necessary. However, this is only permitted if there is reason to believe that serious injury, death, or rape will occur if deadly force is not used. If deadly force is used to protect yourself or your family, it is up to you to prove to a jury that there was no other option. This can be tricky. It’s crucial that you hire an experienced defense attorney. Click below to learn more:


What Are The Drug Trafficking Laws for Detroit Michigan?

In Michigan, drug trafficking carries stiffer penalties than any other crime involving drugs including use, possession, and growing. When charged with drug trafficking, Michigan residents face hefty fines and at least twenty years of jail time. If charged, it’s imperative that you have an experienced legal team on your side. Please click below to learn more:


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