Felony Weapons Charges Dismissed

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The best advice I can ever give anyone contemplating purchasing a firearm is to make sure you know the laws regarding that firearm BEFORE you purchase it. I say this in light of my most recent case, where my client legally purchased a firearm but was not aware of the laws regarding transporting that firearm.

My client was driving in his vehicle when he was stopped by Detroit Police for “tinted windows”…

When the police asked him for his license and registration my client obliged. He opened his center console and reached for the documents. Unfortunately, also stored there was his brand new pistol. Upon seeing this the officers immediately placed my client under arrest and he was charged with Carrying a Concealed Weapon (CCW), a 5 year felony. My client has no criminal history and naturally was terrified of having a felony on his record.

Thankfully he hired me. I was able to work with the Wayne County Prosecutor’s special Gun Board and get the felony charge dismissed and secure a plea to a reduced misdemeanor count. Not only did this reduce his probation and fees, it meant that the client avoided having a felony stuck on his record. Working with the Gun Board requires a special memo being submitted explaining why the facts of the case support your request for a reduction in charges as well as explaining why the client deserves such treatment.

If you or a friend of family member are facing a weapons charge, you need to contact Chris Kessel Law today.

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