Dear citizens, PLEASE STOP DOING THIS!!!

In Blog by Chris Kessel

Two of my new clients this past month have had very different cases that involve a similar problem. And when I say very different cases, I mean VERY different. One involves a PPO and the other civil litigation in federal court. What on earth could these two cases have in common? Well let me answer that question by giving everyone out there a simple, yet monumentally important, piece of advice.

When you receive paperwork that looks like it’s from a court…no matter who’s name is on it, no matter how fake you think it is, no matter how bogus you think the allegations, no matter how fraudulent you think the other person involved may be…DO NOT IGNORE THE PAPERWORK. Even if you think it’s all B.S., that you didn’t do anything wrong, that this other person is a liar. DO NOT IGNORE THE PAPERWORK.

You don’t need to immediately get an attorney. You don’t even need to talk to an attorney. What you do need to do is simply call the number of the court on the document and they can tell you if this is a legitimate document or not. If you decide to ignore this paperwork, you could be in for a world of hurt.

If you find that the court documents are legitimate…then you can contact Chris Kessel Law.