Marijuana Update

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Since the passing of the act legalizing recreational marijuana people are always asking me what they can and cannot do under the new law. Unfortunately, there are even some questions that I can’t answer. Thankfully, the folks in the legislature realized that there were, indeed, too many unanswered questions floating around about Michigan’s newly legalized plant. So “officials” released a set of “emergency rules” dealing with the use and sale of marijuana. MLive did a great, but lengthy article here, but let me make it even more brief by touching on what I get asked about most…

  1. Marijuana sales probably won’t happen until early 2020…which I guess isn’t that far away.
  2. “Public use” will also soon be allowed. This isn’t to say you can smoke a joint on the street. But festivals and events can get special permits to allow such use. And soon smoking lounges will be opening as well, though they will be prohibited from selling food and alcohol at the same establishment.
  3. Yes, you can buy your medical marijuana and your “recreational” marijuana at the same store.
  4. You will eventually be able to order your marijuana to your house, just like you could a pizza…now that’s a business idea!
  5. No, you cannot order it in the mail. At least not legally.

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