Driving Privileges Restored

In Recent Cases by Chris Kessel

It was a long time coming…and I mean a looooooong time coming. But Chris Kessel Law was finally able to help restore driving privileges to one of its clients. In this particular case my client made some poor choices as a younger man which resulted in his loss of droving privileges. However, as Rocky Balboa will tell you, it’s not how many times you get knocked down, but how many times you get back up that counts. In this instance, my client did a tremendous job of picking himself up and getting his affairs in order.

What made the process difficult was the waiting game. For some reason it took months and months to schedule a hearing before the SOS officer. And even after the hearing, it took months for a decision to be handed down. Thankfully, after the careful preparation and planning, my client handled the hearing as well as can be.

Even though there are now, what feels like, countless taxi-type services, there is nothing like being in charge of your own transportation. Navigating the process for license restoration can be both tricky and time consuming. If you or a friend or family member wants to fight for the restoration of their driving privileges, contact Chris Kessel Law today.