Be Careful Out There

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Everyone should watch out while taking the Lodge (including me). The police are out there and clearly they’re working very hard…I can tell you I’ve seen them out there in force.

Marijuana Update

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Since the passing of the act legalizing recreational marijuana people are always asking me what they can and cannot do under the new law. Unfortunately, there are even some questions that I can’t answer. Thankfully, the folks in the legislature realized that there were, indeed, too many unanswered questions floating around about Michigan’s newly legalized plant. So “officials” released a …

Court Orders SORA Change

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At least 4 to 5 times a month I get a call from someone who is on the Sex Offender Registry, asking if the law has been changed since 2012. Let me give you a little background… In 2012, the Michigan Sex Offender Registry (SORA) was changed. Many of these changes, specifically as it relates to younger offenders and the …

Dear citizens, PLEASE STOP DOING THIS!!!

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Two of my new clients this past month have had very different cases that involve a similar problem. And when I say very different cases, I mean VERY different. One involves a PPO and the other civil litigation in federal court. What on earth could these two cases have in common? Well let me answer that question by giving everyone …

New “Slow-Down” law goes into effect.

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Last week a new traffic law went into effect that everyone should be aware of. The new statute requires that drivers passing emergency vehicles on the side of the road slow down to at least 10mph under the posted speed limit. The law also requires drivers to move over one lane if possible (depending on weather and traffic conditions). Failing …

Firearm Charge Dismissed

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Chris Kessel was able to convince and judge and a prosecutor that all charges against his client should be dismissed.  Yes, you read that correctly…I convinced the Macomb County Prosecutor to dismiss charges against my client.   My client was charged with Receiving/Concealing Stolen Property – Firearm, which is a 10 year felony.  To sustain this charge the prosecutor must …

Michigan Passes New Marijuana Law

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The new marijuana law that passed in the election Earlier this month, Michigan voters approved Proposal 1, which legalizes the recreational use of marijuana by individuals aged 21 and older. Marijuana is currently legal for both medical and recreational use in nine states and legal for medicinal purposes in twenty-one additional states. 56% of voters approved the new law, making …

What Are Michigan’s Stand Your Ground Laws?

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The laws regarding self-defense vary from state to state. In Michigan, individuals are allowed to use deadly force to protect themselves if they believe their life is in danger. Michigan’s “Stand Your Ground” law states that an individual has no duty to retreat if they feel unlawfully threatened by another. This is true no matter where they are. This is …

One Client, Three PPO Dismissals

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I recently had the distinct pleasure to represent a client who had actually been the subject of a conspiracy against her by a number of other people. My client was served with PPO’s by her ex-husband’s new wife, her ex-husband’s ex-girlfriend, and her son. I know what you’re thinking…sure the other women may have it out for my client, but …