Assault: More Than Sticks & Stones

There are almost a dozen basic assaultive crimes that can be charged in the State of Michigan. These can range from a simple misdemeanor Assault and Battery charge all the way up to First Degree Murder. Sometimes the specific charge will be because of an injury that was caused. Other times there could be zero injury, but serious charges can be brought. As in all criminal cases, the prosecutor must prove all the elements of any assault charge beyond a reasonable doubt. At the Chris Kessel Law Blog, Chris will try and explain how and why certain charges have been brought in the most publicized cases of the day. With an extensive knowledge of the law, and experience from all across the State of Michigan, Chris Kessel can provide key insight into the legal world that you need to know.

Understanding "Assault" and "Battery"

In Michigan there are many different kinds of assault and battery charges that may be brought by the prosecutor. These can vary from misdemeanor charges that carry probation or a short jail sentence to felony charges that can carry up to life in prison. More often than not, prosecutors will bring the most serious charge they can, even if the charge is not totally supported by the evidence. That is why it’s important to have one of Michigan’s top assault attorneys at your side.

Before distinguishing between the wide variety of assaults, it’s important to understand what is an “assault” and what is a “battery.” A “battery” is simply the intentional, unwanted, and offensive touching of another person. An “assault” is the act of putting someone in fear of a battery. Many people believe that in order to be charged with an assaultive crime that an actual, physical touching must occur (aka battery) must occur. That is absolutely not the case, and it is possible to be accused of assault without physically touching anyone.



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