Home Invasion: It's Exactly
What It Sounds Like

Breaking into peoples’ homes is a serious offense. Home Invasion charges can, in some instances, carry harsher penalties than assaultive and violent crimes. There are some reasons behind this and other facts surrounding home invasion charges, and that’s why you should turn to the Chris Kessel Law Blog. Here at the Chris Kessel Law Blog, Chris will try and explain how and why certain charges have been brought in the most publicized cases of the day. With an extensive knowledge of the law, and experience from all across the State of Michigan, Chris Kessel can provide key insight into the legal world that you need to know.

Understanding Home Invasion in Michigan

There are three different types of Home Invasion charges: first, second, and third degree. Home Invasion First Degree is the most serious, carrying a sentence of up to 20 years in prison. Home Invasion Third Degree is the least serious, carrying a sentence of up to 5 years in prison. While each charge is different, they all contain the common element of a “breaking” and “entering.”

Legal Terms: Breaking & Entering

Legalese, while spoken in English, is not the same language that you would speak on the street with your friend. For that reason, here are some terms that lawyers throw around when discussing “breaking and entering” type crimes.

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