Theft, Shoplifting, and Larceny... Oh My!

There are dozens of different kinds of theft charges that can be charged in MIchigan. Some involve theft directly from a person, such as Larceny from a Person or Robbery Armed/Unarmed. Some involve theft from a store or other building, such as Retail Fraud (aka shoplifting) or Larceny from a Building. And some involve more complicated series of events, such as Embezzlement or Identity Theft. Here at the Chris Kessel Law Blog, Chris will try and explain how and why certain charges have been brought in the most publicized cases of the day. With an extensive knowledge of the law, and experience from all across the State of Michigan, Chris Kessel can provide key insight into the legal world that you need to know.

Understanding Retail Fraud & Theft in Michigan

Here are a few things you need to know about retail fraud laws and prosecution in Michigan:

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